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Joel Roberts is a devoted student, author, loving son and dedicated entrepreneur whose life was drastically changed following an accident that left him with a permanent brain injury. During his long, arduous recovery, Joel relied on his faith and support from his family to remain strong and inspired.

Following his physical rehabilitation, Joel and his family set out to create an organization which allowed Joel to do what he wanted to do, and that is to help other survivors with immediate health aid, motivate them overcome fears, depression, and PTSD, as well as motivating them to enjoy and live their best lives.

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More Life: I Can. I Must. I Will

Joel Roberts (Founder, Joel Roberts Foundation) has had a life full if adverse situations but has found a way to find success. He was in his teens when he had an accident that greatly threatened his motor functions and took his life, but through the grace of God, he is still living today. With determination to get back on his feet, he went the extra mile to get back in shape.